We provide cost planning, cost management, value engineering, procurement advice, and contractual solutions from inception to final account.

Our aim is to establish the Client’s requirements at a very early stage, to eliminate risk throughout all phases of the project and ultimately, deliver the project within the Client’s budget aspirations whilst not compromising on quality.


Through the use of the very latest cost data, we ensure the Client is continually given the most accurate cost advice throughout the project. We work closely with the design team to ensure the design does not evolve outside the Client’s cost parameters. This philosophy continues into the construction phase with diligent cost management and regular cost reporting. We employ a system of rolling final accounts whereby variations are agreed with contractors as the project proceeds to ensure a high degree of certainty for the project outturn, thus guaranteeing efficient contingency management and avoiding protracted final account negotiations.


Additional services we can provide include project cash flows, life-cycle costing, future maintenance costs, risk assessment and management, reinstatement valuations and reporting for fund monitoring.