With the big return to school this week - or not for some children - the current hot topic in the media currently is RAAC

RAAC has been a popular construction material used to provide much needed buildings to house the post-war baby boom population, but problems with earlier installations of RAAC have been recognised since the mid-80’s when UK production ceased over life expectancy concerns.

The 2018 roof collapse at Singlewell School in Kent prompted the Department for Education to issue guidance for a common inspection, remediation, and management strategy for all UK schools, which has led to criticism that the recent closures due to safety concerns were avoidable.

Macegreen have been very busy over the last year carrying out surveys in various schools across the country and more latterly have been appointed to carry out multiple RAAC inspections of school premises.

But it’s not just schools… other public sector and local authority occupiers such as NHS England and Councils across the UK have confirmed their estates will also require inspections.

Please contact Steve Puddicombe 07973 908 559 or email stevepuddicombe@macegreen.co.uk with any requirement for RAAC surveys.