Millfields Trust
Genesis Building, Plymouth



The Millfields Community Economic Development Trust (Millfields Trust) has been set up to enable local people to contribute and manage the regeneration of the Stonehouse neighbourhood in Plymouth. Their core business is rental of commercial premises across two sites in the Stonehouse neighbourhood. In total they are responsible for over 100 business premises, ranging in size from 120 to 1500 square feet.

After almost two years of work, we are pleased to confirm that the first phase of Millfields Trust’s master plan has been awarded funding for the development of the Building C managed workspace project in Plymouth. Funding is being provided through DCLG’s ERDF Competitiveness programme and the SW Local Enterprise Partnership via the Growing Places Fund.

A reserved matters planning application has been submitted following the grant of Outline Planning Consent in 2012. Detailed design proposals have been signed off at Stage D and the design team are progressing the final design proposals concurrent with the main contractor procurement stage. The project will help to restore the urban fabric along Union Street and contribute to the aspirations of the adopted Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plan. The managed accommodation is arranged in a series of lettable units of variable size designed to support the needs of start up businesses and to enhance employment opportunities within the Stonehouse Community. The building design embeds environmental awareness with low energy consumption and running costs.

The key targets set by the funding bodies were to provide a minimum of 1993sq.m (21,459sq.ft) of lettable floor space, to a BREEAM 2011 ‘excellent’ office accreditation standard, and an ambition for outstanding accessibility. The aim was to position the building in a manner that does not compromise the delivery of future phases of the master plan and establish a quality of design to be replicated in future planned developments to Union Street along the Millfields frontage.

Following the current tender process, works are anticipated to start on site in the Autumn 2013 with completion in early 2015. Macegreen Consulting are providing full project management services to Millfields Trust.

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